Hi! Welcome Blue Diamond 

My Name is yaya a Harlem Native. I always had a passion for fashion when I was younger I use to take my old pair of jeans and reconstruct it and turn it into wallets and Hand bags.

I love to create pieces from start to finish and I love it even more to see someone in one of those pieces. Seeing how confident women are when wearing the perfect outfit is why I do what I do. Fashion is a statement and wearing Blue Diamond will definitely make a statement, why? Because All THE PIECES ARE CUSTOM MADE TO FIT YOU! Instead of blending in with others you should stand out and with Blue Diamond you will definitely achieve that.

Specializing in Party Dresses , prom , wedding, Birthday, Baby showers and many more

My purpose in life was to be a Designer because these hands are a gift 

Thank you for all the support 

Now let's go slay!